Quality Connection
The 7th European Conference on Software Quality
9-12 June 2002

Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland

The 7th European Conference on Software Quality in 2002 will bring together the best European and International experts from academia and industry to share ideas and advances in software quality, software process improvement and software development methods.

Software developers are facing demanding quality challenges in maintaining competitiveness in today's business environment. While customer expectations for quality software are increasing in traditional areas, the new, network economy is bringing along faster product development cycles, the need to exceed customer expectations to succeed on future markets ("fancibility" features) and unpredictable and rapidly evolving business environment. At the same time, the proliferation of Internet and mobile applications will further change the domain in which quality should be addressed. The traditional in-house development is increasingly replaced by outsourcing, component based development and strategic partnerships to respond to these needs.

In this changing business environment software quality will need to include the traditional focus on reliability, but, increasingly, other important quality attributes, such as timeline of delivery, customer satisfaction, and product innovation. Software product and program managers will need to make intelligent decisions and trade-off analyses between traditional quality targets and time to market to be able to leverage business opportunities. Most of the successes in software related business have been achieved by companies that do not use traditional quality methods. Obviously, there is a potential paradox and we believe that this requires new paradigms for decision making, healthy debate in the quality community, and new approaches in managing software quality.

The 7th European Conference on Software Quality in year 2002 will aim on dissemination of the state-of-the-art and best practices in managing software quality for competitive advantage. The aim is also to offer a forum to meet colleagues and exchange ideas and knowledge. The conference will focus on:

Production of attractive and reliable software at Internet speed

Production of software with a dynamic network of partners

Original papers, tutorials, panels, and workshop proposals supporting the main themes are invited on following topics:

Software process improvement

New domains and challenges for quality

Component based systems and quality

Measuring and tracking quality

Quality management and life cycle models

Formal methods in quality management

Technical papers should be 6-10 pages in length and contain original research contributions. Preference will be given to papers with empirical validation or reports from practice.

Experience papers, especially from industry, containing empirical work, and case studies are especially encouraged. They should be 4-8 pages in length and should focus on applying known or new methods into practice and on reporting on the results.

Workshops proposals should propose a topic and scope of the workshop. They will be taking place in parallel with the conference and can last from two hours to a full day.

Tutorial proposals should address a timely topic of interest to conference participants. Tutorials will be arranged before and after the main conference.

Panel proposals should include the topic and proposed participants.

Project descriptions of on-going or recently completed research projects should include the description of the projects and its results, and include a plan of how the project is presented. Separate session and presentation stands are both available for the selected projects.

The conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland. Finland has become a leading Internet and mobile application technology hub. At the time of the conference you can enjoy Finland's light summer nights. It is also perfect time to explore pleasures of Finland's thousands of lakes.

Important deadlines for the conference are:

Deadline for paper submissions

15 Dec 2001

Deadline for workshop proposals

31 Dec 2001

Deadline for panels and tutorials

31 Dec 2001

Notification of acceptance

7 Feb 2002

Final papers due

15 March 2002


9-12 June 2002

Submit technical papers, experience papers and proposals for workshops, tutorials, panels and project descriptions to Accepted contributions will be published in the conference proceedings. Please note that only papers will be accepted which adhere to the layout instructions detailed in the layout guidelines. The layout guidelines will be available at or can be requested by e-mail from

Proceedings are planned to be published by an international publisher such as Springer LNCS series.

Conference language will be English

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